Friday, August 27, 2010

Third time's a charm?

Hello :)

I have genuinely decided I should start blogging a dozen times. I have also found myself actually setting up a blog about half a dozen times. All of those blogs have ultimately failed, and are now somewhere in the graveyards of cyberspace.

I think all of these failures are due to the fact that I have either no idea, or too many ideas, about what exactly I wanted to write about. I know I should be putting things out there (for my own sake, at least) but I can never focus on one idea or topic long enough to stick with it. I enjoy a variety of hobbies, interests and schools of thought, but none so much that I can write about them constantly. Explore them every day.

This blog will not focus on one aspect of my life or personality, but whichever focus I happen to be obsessing over at the time. I will try to leave something useful in my trails of ranting such as my favorite items, or products or services I find particularly useful or interesting. Even if it is just a good quote I’ve heard or some inspirational words, I will always try to leave something useful.

A few background things you might like to know. I am a: 22 year old, sister, daughter, waitress, intern, best friend, college senior, sorority girl, caffeine addict, writer (don’t those last two come hand in hand?), bookworm, athlete, reality tv/celebrity junkie, blackberry owner, and shopaholic. I often feel I should be able to sing or paint or compose music or something because I believe I have a tortured soul and I know I have the heart of an artist. I learned early on that words would be my life. They often lead to my downfall but even more often lead to my success. PR, marketing and journalism fascinate me. I plan to rule the world.

That about covers the basics. I’ve always found people’s descriptions of themselves comical, so if any of you know me you may get a laugh out of this as well. Who really chooses to or even can describe themselves accurately?
Stay tuned and you can be the judge :)

More to come,

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