Public Relations Experience

Public Relations Intern, Starfire Council

January 2010 - March 2010

My first taste of real world PR. I didn't really "find" this internship. I worked on a class pr project with Starfire as our client my Junior year. When the quarter ended I approached our contact with the organization and asked her if they'd be interested in an inter. Clearly she said yes, and the rest is history.

It was unpaid, which was ok with me. I was and still am extremely grateful for Starfire taking a chance on me (having no prior PR experience) and allowing me to take such a hands on role in their organization.

Though I did have to brave one of the harshest Ohio winters I can recall on many early mornings, I got to make media contacts, create and distribute flyers around the community, write press releases and other pieces for the newsletter, and help out with event planning. It was a great learning opportunity.

Marketing Intern, Kings Island, Cedar Fair Entertainment

June 2010 - August 2010

Interning at an amusement park was by far totally different than any of my other experiences. Also, it was a marketing internship, not technically pr, so that varied the playing field a bit as well. This was also my first time working with a team of interns, rather than on my own, so I learned a lot about teamwork and collaborating ideas.

Kings Island gave me grass roots marketing experience. We were also given the responsibility to oversee events and other park employees almost 100% independent from full time park employees. There was also a decent amount of promotion and event planning, which opened my eyes to a different side of pr that I may have some serious interest in in the future.

Public Relations Intern, The University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center

June 2010 - September 2010

This was by far my "favorite" internship to date. By favorite I just mean it comes the closest to what I feel would be the best fit for me in a permanent position. I also love attending UC, so interning there made me feel very at home.

The public information officers and full time people in the office were extremely helpful and allowed me to attend meetings with many university officials, again awesome because I do attend and love UC. I gained the most new knowledge in the areas of Photoshop and and website content management systems, opening my eyes to yet another area of pr not particularly focused on in the class room.

I was also responsible for interviews, research, writing web content and a few features in some of the Academic Health Center's publications.

Public Relations Intern, The Eisen Agency

September 2010 - Present

More to come as it develops.

Public Relations Intern, Playhouse in the Park

Starting October 2010

More to come here as well.