Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mini Update from the Windy City

I'm going to make this quick.

1. Chicago is amazing. Details will come when I'm back in the OH. Topics to include me playing Mom, Michigan Ave/Navy Pier adventures, my thoughts on relocation to the Windy City, thrifting, School starting in a week, etc, etc.

Mom's Town. So pretty here!

2. Last season of Oprah premiered yesterday. AKA this is a sad time for me. How fitting I watched from Oprah's home city. Maybe I can convince the fam to take a trip to Harph Studios... One can dream.

3. Signed up yest for PRSSA National Conference! Just about a month 'till DC and what is sure to be one of the greatest opportunities of my career thus far. Can't wait!

4. Shout out to Life of Meg and Mingle Mondays! Great way to get your blog out there and find some new ones to follow!

More to come,

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