Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have really been meaning to take more pictures of the little aspects of my day to make my posts slightly more interesting. I truly failed to do that the past few days so I was going to skip a post until I had some narration to accompany it, but I wanted to write while this was still fresh in my mind.

Sidebar: Since I will be in Chicago in a matter of days (SO SO SO EXCITED) I am sure I will have tons of pics to post of the city and my family soon enough!


I mentioned that on Tuesday I attended my first PRSA luncheon, and it was very insightful. While I spend at least a few hours each day thinking about public relations, it has been a while since I really sat down with a clear mind and let my brain get creative about it. Instead of taking a nap on my break between jobs I decided to spend some time on one of my my favorite pr blogs and let my mind dwell on the topics that I took notes on at the luncheon.

The first topic was attracting foreign investors. Sounds boring I know, but the speaker gave a great example that is also relevant to real life. He worded it a little more eloquently, but this is my interpretation.

If a company hires some big shot executive from Europe or Asia to come re vamp things in your town, it's a good thing. I think we all want our local companies and therefor economies to succeed. I havent heard anyone complaining about business growth or more income for the city latley, so I'm going to assume you agree.

However, if that exec moves their family to America and their child is teased at school for wearing different clothes, or eating strange foods, and their wife is shunned by other local women and businesses because she speakes poor English, do you think that executive will stay? Do you think they will be happy here and encourage more of their friends and family members who are successful and contributing members of society to join them here in America and contunue to better our nation, or town?

Probably not.

I have always had a soft place in my heart for people who are looked down on or are not accepted because they are different, probably because I have been that person. But I never looked at it from a business standpoint. By being close minded and falling into stereotypes you are not only hurting someone personally, but in turn could be negatively effecting your areas well being.

Definatley something to think about.

One a more upbeat note, a point was made about target audiences that really made me appreciate my life. Many businesses are turning to social media for marketing purposes. This is great for a lot of audiences, however many people struggling with the economy have been forced to cut internet out of their budget, or do not have access to computers.

I spent a few minutes day dreaming at that point because I wanted to really let it resognate how lucky I, we, truley are. I am connected to the internet via laptop, blackberry and i touch almost 24 hours a day, and I take in for granted. The wealth of information that is at my fingertips at any given moment is a gift. The fact that I can share my thoughts with the world through this blog is so exciting to me, and while I am just starting out, I hope that one day soon enough someone will learn something or simply enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy scanning through others.

Sadly, I must cut my rant short. Work awaits. The main point I'm trying to make and will be focusing on for the rest of the day is have an open mind and open heart, in life and in business, and it doesnt hurt to be thankful for the little things... like blogs :)

NOTE: The above post was written on Thursday morning. Friday night is the absolute first chance I've had to review it for publishing, but I still like it. Hence the title, Thriday.

First up.

Social Media Today tweeted a link to this article and it really encouraged me.

Why you should blog even without an audience.

While I hope to gain an audience, all of the points it makes are so true. It astonishes me that more people do not see the value in reading and writing, and I'm ashamed I don't do more of both. Thanks for the inspiration!

Second up.

Today was the last day of my summer internship. While I am very excited to have a week off to see my family and begin my fall ventures, I will truly miss that place. Working with such amazing people on such a beautiful part of campus was a great way to spend my summer. I will most miss my boss, and the responsibility she trusted me with. Knowing someone believes in your abilities is a huge confidence booster. Something always helpful to an aspiring professional.

The office threw me a nice red and black UC themed pizza party. They also must have known I needed pics for my blog, because my boss' boss had the university photographers come and play paparazzi.

Unfortunatley, I was gone for the day before they posted the pics. As soon they hit my email and I decide which ones make me look like I look the least like a deer in headlights, I will post.

It is way late. I work way early. This will have to be it.

More to come,

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