Thursday, September 23, 2010

Starting Fresh

Today's Interesting News

I almost bought a third planner today. Rather than cave and waste 25 bucks on something because it was pretty, for the same price I bought "The Catcher and the Rye" and a moleskin notebook. Time to get the brain back to work for my final year of college.

The Office premiers its 7th season tonight at 9pm on NBC. Need I say more?

Interesting Article

I clicked on the "That's a Real Job?" link expecting to find something like underwater basket weaver, and when you see what the first listing (if you're also into the pr/marketing thing) you'll probably laugh as hard as I did. With as many times as I've heard "What exactly is public relations?" I guess I'm not surprised. 

The Government is Making Moves

Also, healthcare changes start today. I'm not picking sides via blog, but I'm not mad about the new right to stay on my parents insurance until 26. I was closely approaching the "you're out of school so apparently you're established enough to have you're own adequate insurance coverage" mark, so thanks govt for the extra four years. 

Moving on.

Last night I participated in GenYChat and CampusChat on Twitter. Both had similar topics. What do young people need to know to get a "good start" in today's professional world? Whether transitioning from high school to college or college to the work force, what do we need to know to have a smooth and productive start to our next steps in life?

There are a million right answers to that question, depending on what your career path is or what it is exactly you want the future to hold for you. 

I want my future to be in public relations. Education, entertainment, fashion, non profit and agency pr all interest me on various levels.

I know I want to eventually move to a larger city, and I know whatever I do, where ever I am, it better involve some writing. 

I have already taken and have some steps in place to help accomplish these goals. My list includes:

- Have a positive online presence

I've realized everyone sees everything you put online. Absolute must to make sure everything is appropriate, but why not share some useful conversation at the same time?

- Network like crazy. 

Meet as many people in the industry as possible, and maintain those relationships. I've learned first hand sometimes it's all about who you know.

- Get involved.

Clubs, committees, community organizations. I plan on exploring them all. It By doing so I will also be learning and networking, so three birds with one stone.

- Learn as much as possible. 

Whether through research, mentors or peers, just get as in depth as possible into the pr world. You cannot learn everything in a classroom.

I will report back on how the journey goes, what outlets prove useful and which ones fail.

Just 21 days until Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference in Washington DC! I am honestly more excited about this than Christmas. 

I'm sure to have a plethora of tips and tricks to blog about after returning. Anyone with ideas on what college students or young professionals can do to prepare themselves for the working world, feel free to share :)



  1. Hello! :)

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog - just had a read of your blog and I love it! It's great to read a blog by someone else who's working towards a career in public relations (even though my blog isn't hugely PR-focussed, it's still super interesting on a personal level!) I work in PR at the moment here in Central London - am just interning at the moment but fingers crossed it'll lead to a permanent job! ;)
    Love those goals you've posted!

    Claire Marie x