Monday, September 6, 2010

Must-Have Monday

Let us begin with my current must haves

back to school must have...

i cant stop listening to... 

guaranteed laughter...

loving the new season of...

 do you lilac it...

This week I'm getting off to a MUCH better start than last (thankfully). I decided to cut my Labor Day Weekend a day short and do what you are actually supposed to do when given the day off work, relax. I did however celebrate heavily with shopping, a few nights out, and a trip home to visit my dads side of the family and my high school best friends :)

so cute and only $20!

Not surprisingly, the universe had to throw a few obstacles in my way. The morning of my departure I broke my hair straightner, which as all girls know, escpecially curly haired girls, was a tragedy in itself. Then on my drive I discovered there was a nail in my tire. My brand new, barely six month old tire. Typical. After a few hours of driving around in attempts to find somewhere that was open on a friday night to fix/replace my tire, my dad was nice enough to let me borrow his Jeep as to not disrupt my plans, and bought me a new tire the next day. Aren't dads great?

My weekend also included a night on the town to celebrate one of my best's birthday  and some QT with my grandparents. This time was much needed, but I decided to head back to my home at school a day early in order to have a full day to devote to myself, cleaning, relaxing, organizing and yes, blogging.

With less than 10 months left until I will be forced to truly enter the real world, my daydreams lately have been less focused on what my big girl job will be and more focused on what my big girl apartment will look like. Since there's no telling where I will be living/working next year, all I can really plan is what will be inside this home to-be, and thanks to some blog stalking, Lowes, HGTV and my highly domestic mother and grandma, I have tons of ideas. 

A  friend/coworker who is an avid thrifter has offered to lend her expertise in helping me find some old pieces I can restore. I'll definitely be searching for a dresser, bookshelves, desk and anything that can be used as storage. My overwhelming amount of shoes, books, bags and clothes is becoming an eyesore. I also need to find some old frames for some smaller projects. 

My last project will be making a headboard (details to come). I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on a bed frame when I hate footboards. Weird I know, but I for some reason hate the way they look at the end of the bed. I would much rather prefer a chest or table, so I guess we will add that to the list as well. 

I will hopefully be able to find these items soon because as anyone who is familiar with Ohio weather knows, the rain and cold are now just a couple of months and maybe even weeks away. It's beautiful now but I can recall all too well Halloweens as a child trick-or-treating in boots and a snowsuit, which means I could have as little as 7 weeks. I realize there is little chance I will have time to complete all of these projects, but hopefully with the help of some friends and the plethora of thrift and antique stores in my area, I can get a good start. 

I cant wait to test my painting abilities and take some of the color combinations swirling around in my head and actually put them on paper (or wood). I prefer white furniture so most things will probably start there, but I plan on playing around with patterns and stencils and stripes using much bolder colors. The outcome should be interesting at the least.

Since last week was such a cluster of non motivation and running around yet getting nothing done, I will spend the rest of my day doing some work from home I should have finished then. The days are winding down on my internship at the Academic Health Center and I am not looking forward to that :( I love it there. I am however excited about my upcoming opportunities!

Fall 2010 I will be starting 3 new work ventures. 

1) Gameday Communications. This will probably be something I only do a few times a month, but I am pumped none the less. I am on the street team and will be working events all around town for their clients. My first shift is coming up soon so more details to come.

2) Playhouse in the Park. I start as a public relations intern in October and could not be more excited. This is an internship I actually wanted last year and didn't get, but they offered it to me this time around so YAY! I know there were a lot of applicants so I am honored and cant wait to jump in and really work my butt off.

3) The Eisen Agency. Counting Playhouse I will of had 4 internships, but Eisen, the 5th on my list, will be my first agency experience. I am nervous but more than that excited to see how I feel about this aspect of public relations. I will be joining my future coworkers at my first PRSA meeting on Tuesday, so the new opportunities have already begun.

It's SO hard to focus on my "be here now" when there is so much coming up (the above) not to mention school, fall and football season. 

I have some great ideas for blog posts for the rest of the week so stay tuned.

More to come,

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