In My Perfect World

I have a wildly active imagination. I also lack the ability to diferintate my dreams from my goals. Arent they really the same thing?

I plan to:

Travel the world. I've moved around a lot in my life. Though it's only been throughout the midwest, I've gained a huge appreciation for new experiances, settings and people. There is so much to be learned. I do not think people every stop growing and changing, and I want to be actively pursuing knowledge until the day I die. While I love being American and would not have wanted to be born into any other country, I crave experiances with other cultures.

I'd like to live abroad one day. I would like to visit Germany, the country my grandmother imigrated here from in her 20's and meet her (my) family. I'd like to taste authentic French foods and enjoy the culture I've been so fascinated with throughout high school and college. I'd like to binge on Italian food in Italy (my favorite) and visit historic landmarks in London. I want to see European contrysides and the outback of Australia. I want to see if all the women in Brazil are really as attractive as all of these Victoria's Secret models, and admire the palaces in Russia. If I can do maybe 2 of the above before I die, it will be a good life.

Become an established writer. I don't know if it will be through books or magaines or blogging or a web site or a column or a letters I put in a bottle and throw out into the ocean hoping someone finds them. I just want to write. More than that I want to write things that inspire people. I want my words to get inside someone's heart and make a difference in their lives, be the muse so many authors have been for me. In a world of cell phones and technology and speed, I want to inspire people to slow down for a minute and take time for the art of literature.

In the Sex and the City movie when Carrie said she "loved the smell of library books" I almost cried. That is what I'm talking about. While I have made the transition from journal to lap top, and plan to soon purchase a Kindle, I will never stop collecting books.

Be the boss of something. I know this sounds silly, but I don't really know how else to phrase it. I am not sure if my ultimate career goal is CEO, editor, manager or founder. I just know I am working on a serious vision here. And when it comes to fruition, I want to run with it. I have always had an outgoing, outspoken personality (sometimes too much so) and I'd like to put it to good use.

This list will be continued when there is more time for daydreaming.